We don't just supply coffee.

It has become a daily conversation. Every day I am hearing how disillusioned cafe owners have become with their current coffee supplier.

'They used to look after us but they're too big now. They don't care anymore.' Or the one about, unfulfilled promises of support and training. If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone. This blog is not written solely as an attempted grab at wholesale customers but more about letting you know that there are alternatives out there. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but every coffee company will supply coffee and, at the very least, most of it is of a reasonable quality. The question is...with literally hundreds of coffee suppliers out there, which do you choose and why?

Before I answer this question, here is a little information about how some of the big coffee companies work. The big ones, who shall remain nameless, have money to throw around. They can, and they do, pray on and ultimately seduce the inexperienced cafe owner with worldly promises of support and training, machinery, merchandise including wind barriers and umbrellas, crockery and often a sizeable cash incentive thrown in to gain your account. To good to refuse right? Allow me to let you in on a little secret. Nothing in life is free.

Before you know it, your cafe, your pride and joy is a total advertisement for the coffee brand. Everything you have is covered in the brand name and logo of your coffee supplier which makes it almost impossible to build your own brand and absolutlely impossible to ever be seen as anything other than a store that is seemingly owned and run by a major coffee company. Building your own brand, remember, is the reason you went into business in the first place.

By now you have also signed a little dotted line that binds you to that arrangement for as long as it take the supplier to reap every cent back for the original set up including the ongoing weekly coffee purchases of which you cannot do without. These are water tight contracts that, most often, are impossible to break. Trust me, you'll pay back every cent that's been provided, with interest. A lot of it. Moral of the story...don't sign anything!!

Why am I telling you this? Read my 1st line again. Every day I speak to people who want more. They don't want to be 'run of the mill'. They want support, advice and a personal touch. They want to learn how to 'understand' coffee, understand the coffee business and want some help to try and take their business to another level. Here it comes. You know...the plug. This is where Black Velvet comes in.

We don't just supply coffee but offer a complete and documented analysis of your business that covers all areas of your cafe and your coffee that can help take your business to the next level. We discuss things like 'perception' and the image your cafe portrays to your customers. We offer advice on a range of subtle changes that can be made which can dramatically change the image of your business and with that, the training required to improve the quality of your coffee. The best thing about these changes is that most of them come at very little cost, in fact, implementing our strategy will actually save you money by cutting most of your uncecessary costs down while simultaneously promoting your own brand. The other bonus is, you also get to use Black Velvet Coffee. 

There are so many coffee roasters out there. Some will offer you the world. Others will pride themselves on offering nothing but coffee. 

We offer the help and support you need to re invigorate and re energise your business. If any of this has struck a nerve then logon to blackvelvetespresso.com.au and drop us a line. 


Darren Silverman
Darren Silverman


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