Coffee and wine, get the best of both worlds!

Coffee and wine, get the best of both worlds!

July 17, 2018

I can't lie, we enjoy a beautiful glass of wine (almost) as much as we love our coffee. So who better than Naked Wines for Black Velvet to collaborate with so our customers can enjoy the benefits?

Naked Wines exists to empower winemakers and connect them directly to the people who enjoy drinking quality wine, without the top-shelf price tag. They are offering our customers a $100 Voucher to spend on a case of wine, with the purchase of 500g of Black Velvet coffee beans. Perfect! One voucher is available per person, so order your coffee online or visit us in store soon as there are a limited amount of vouchers. Your voucher will be placed in your package if ordering online.

Still have questions? Click this link for assistance or call Naked Wines directly on 1300898677 to find all your answers.

We hope you enjoy our collaboration as much as we do!

As always, happy caffeinating!





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