RFA Brazil Ipanema Yellow Bourbon (Fazenda Rio Verde)

100 year old Fazenda Rio Verde was acquired by Ipanema in 2005. Surrounded by forests, blessed with waterfalls, this farm is a nature sanctuary where coffee fields represent 40% of the land use. The diversity of vegetation has given these soils an unequalled richness in terms of nutrients and organic material.

Ranging from 800 – 1350 MASL, almost all operations are performed by hand and with different amounts of sunlight that each area receives, cup characteristics are completely different from each other. Cultivars on the estate include Acaia, Red Rubi, Mundo Novo and the exceptional Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuai and Yellow Icatu.


Fazenda Rio Verde_________________________________________________________________

Region                        Serra de Mantiqueira Mountains                              

Screen Size                 16/18

Altitude                        800 - 1350 MASL                             

Process Method          Pulped Natural

Soils                             Predominantly clay soils      


Coffee Profile_______________________________________________________________________

Varietal                        Yellow Bourbon                                                        

Moisture Content        10.1%

Crop Yr                         2013                                                        

Optimal Roast              Light - Med


Flavour Profile______________________________________________________________________

Bright, juicy and complex with notes of floral honey and sweet raisins. Smooth syrupy body moving to a toasted hazelnut and toffee finish.

Type: Coffee beans

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