Cup of Excellence – Bela Epoca Lot 9 - Brazil (Fazenda Bela Epoca)

Black Velvet Coffee

We have a very limited supply of this award winning coffee!

This very special Yellow Catuaí lot won 9th place at the 2018 Brazil Naturals Cup of Excellence Competition.

This will be a lighter roasted coffee which will be perfect for filter style methods of extraction.

CLICK HERE for the Aeropress - perfect for this beautiful coffee.

Coffee has been cultivated at Fazenda Bela Época for more than 80 years. As a certified Organic farm, production processes are executed within the strictest standards of quality and traceability, complying with socio-environmental regulations and audited by certifying entities such as UTZ and Rainforest Alliance and the requisite Organic bodies. All the production is traced and certified by the IBD – Orgânico Brasil, JAS Organic(Japan), USDA Organic (USA), and Organico Europa (EU).

"The production of organic coffee is in our agroforestry area. These beans have unique characteristics due to the absence of chemical products in all of the process, resulting in a differentiated and very special coffee cup" - André

Farm: Fazenda Bela Época

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 900 metres above sea level

Owner: Luiz da Cunha Sobrinho & children

Town / City: Alfenas & Machado

Region: Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais

Cupping Notes
Rum chocolate, rose, strawberry


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