Rwanda 'Muhura' Estate Gr1

Black Velvet Coffee

The Gatsibo district lies in the Eastern part of Rwanda and in the centre is the Muhura Estate. The terrain is sandy and the land is arid. The farmers harvest around 5kg of ripe cherries per tree and use a double fermentation system involving 12 hours wet and 18 hours dry. The coffee is then sun dried across 200raised drying racks.

Muhura Co-Op______________________________________________________________________

Region                        Gatsibo district

Screen Size                 15

Altitude                       1500 - 1700 MASL

Process Method         Fully Washed

Soils                            Sandy clay      


Coffee Profile_______________________________________________________________________

Varietal                        Bourbon                        

Moisture Content       11.4%

Crop Yr                        2012                  

Optimal Roast             Suits all profiles


Flavour Profile______________________________________________________________________

Aromas of tobacco, earth and straw. Cup shows hazelnuts, blackcurrant and wine. Full body and strong acid moving to a malty buttery finish. Very complex coffee.

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