Who doesn’t love a nice, warm cup of coffee? You know you do! It’s so relaxing to just order a cuppa and be on your way, but if you look into your monthly budget, you would be quite surprised at how much you spend on just coffee. The little joys in life do not have to be so heavy on your pockets - you should be able to enjoy them freely, without a worry, and from the convenience of your home. That is why coffee grinders in Australia are very popular these days. Nothing matches the aroma or the taste of freshly ground coffee. 

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Why should you buy a coffee grinder?

The list of reasons why you should invest in a good quality coffee grinder is long and convincing. To give you the most significant reason: Freshness. Like any other product from bread to literally anything in your kitchen, you should never compromise on the freshness of your coffee. You might be thinking: Who has the time for that? Or Instant coffee works fine for me! But, that is because you may not have experienced the taste of freshly ground coffee yet. 

Moreover, pre-ground coffee is only fresh for half an hour – that’s not much. After that, it starts to oxidise and lose its aromatics, thus stealing the true essence of how coffee should taste and smell.

Your experience will be completely refreshed, your mind blown, and your taste buds mesmerised if you grind your coffee immediately before extraction. Skip on the convenience, speed or simplicity of store-bought coffee. If you’re just starting out, buy a small hand grinder. If you’re a serious coffee consumer, consider purchasing an electric grinder.

Which coffee grinder is best for you?

Buying the right coffee grinder for you is vital to your coffee-drinking experience. All the grinders we offer will provide perfectly ground coffee to the consistency you desire and are suitable no matter your choice of coffee brewer. 

Manual or electric coffee grinder?

Manual coffee grinders provide a level of customisation that is simply not possible with an electronic grinder. The texture of the grind, from coarse to fine, can be adjusted; that is essential for achieving the perfect cup of coffee. In addition, manual grinders are often quieter than their electric counterparts, making them ideal for use in public spaces. However, electric coffee grinders have their own advantages. They are typically faster and require less effort to operate. That makes them ideal for busy coffee drinkers who want to save time. Ultimately, the best coffee grinder is the one that meets your specific needs. So, which one of Black Velvet Coffee’s grinders do you love?

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