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Black Velvet Wholesale Coffee Special

Covid19 has changed the world. More and more businesses have begun trading online and as every day passes, more and more people are looking for contactless purchasing and selling.
At Black Velvet, we've always had an online presence and have always provided wholesale coffee to cafes and offices up and down the east coast of Australia. We are so pleased to now be able to offer wholesale coffee at a dramatically reduced price which can simply be ordered online.
The cost of wholesale coffee has always been calculated with a few factors in mind. These include the cost of raw coffee, roasting costs, packaging, ongoing service, and the highest cost of all, delivery and its associated costs including transport, tolls etc. While most of these costs still apply, we've found that by ordering your wholesale coffee online and having it delivered direct to your door, the cost reduces dramatically.
Whether you're working from home or run a cafe/restaurant and no matter which city you're in, this offer is available to you. 
So often we’re told that a cafe owner's coffee options are limited because their volumes aren’t large enough or because their image doesn’t quite fit with what the customer describes as the ‘hipster’ coffee companies.

Well not anymore.
Black Velvet wholesale coffee ordered online is available
to all cafes and restaurants (minimum 7kg per week) and includes... 
  • Coffee delivered in branded 1kg Black Velvet bags
  • Promotion of your business through Black Velvet social sites
  • Incentives to recommend others to become members
  • Access to Black Velvet branded take away cups and other products including drinking chocolate, fresh organic chai, syrups and more

And all of this with...

  • No hidden fees 


From $28pkg*


Black Velvet Coffee aims to build long-term, honest and enjoyable relationships with our wholesale customers, whilst providing hand
crafted coffee of the highest standard.

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