Wholesale Coffee for Cafes

The Black Velvet Family

Black Velvet wholesale customers are part of the 'Black Velvet Family' and enjoy not only the highest quality coffee but also benefit from ongoing business support. 
Our mission is to share a moment of indulgence and to assist our clients in achieving their potential.

What Black Velvet Coffee Roasters provide:

To start - A full Barista training session for the business owner and head barista. We want you making the highest quality coffee possible. 
  • Ongoing training in espresso and other brewing techniques to ensure you can offer your customers various alternatives.
  • Ongoing business consulting to ensure your business is working to it's potential.
  • Ongoing promotion of your business through Black Velvet social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 


What we look for:

  • Business owners and staff willing to work towards creating their own successful brand.
  • Business owners and staff showing a willingness to learn about and understand coffee as a product.
  • Venue and location presenting a professional image, focused on exceptional service and a willingness to 'stand out from the crowd'.
  • Like minded people who wish to build a long term, authentic relationship with their customers and with Black Velvet Coffee.
  • Referral to 1 person who you think might also like to join Black Velvet.
  • A commitment from you.
Black Velvet Coffee aims to build long-term, honest and enjoyable relationships with our wholesale customers, whilst providing hand crafted coffee of the highest standard.
If you would like to inquire about wholesale coffee, please contact Darren on 0404811896 or Jackie on 0408551464 or email your details to contact@blackvelvetcoffee.com.au