Membership FAQ's

Which package should I choose?

Firstly, how long would you like to receive deliveries for? If you would like 3 months worth, choose Silver; 6 months, choose Gold; 1 year, choose Platinum. 
Secondly, do you enjoy blends or experimenting with Single Origins? If you love experimenting with different flavours consider choosing a Single Origin Membership package (available in Gold and Platinum Memberships). Otherwise, enjoy our well crafted coffee blends rotated for your enjoyment. 


What do I do next?

How much coffee do you drink per fortnight? Choose from 250g, 500g or 1kg. The membership price will change if you choose the 500g or 1kg options. 
Do you need your coffee ground? Select your grinding needs using the drop down menu.


Do I have to pay for shipping?

No. You do not have to pay for any extra shipping. Simply choose 'Subscription Shipping' in the drop down menu after being presented with the Paypal/Credit card options.

When will I receive my coffee?

All coffee will be sent on a Thursday using regular Australia Post shipping.

Can I suspend my Membership?

Absolutely! If you don't need your coffee delivered for a time, just let us know by emailing and we'll resume as soon as you are ready. Otherwise, you could have your coffee sent to a friend or family member, just supply us with an alternative address.

I love a particular blend, can I request that one blend? 

Of course! Just email with your needs.

Do I get any benefit from recommending a friend?

I'm glad you asked! If a friend of yours purchases a membership and informs us of your glowing recommendation, you will receive 2 extra deliveries after your membership has been finalised.


Please contact us with any questions by emailing

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