La Marzocco gs3 AV

Black Velvet Coffee

La Marzocco have taken the most advanced La Marzocco technology and translated it for a home espresso machine which we believe is the best high volume single group machine on the market.

A beautiful showpiece for your office or home, the gs3 will give you the perfect extraction and milk texture every single time. 

This is most definitely a machine for life. 


  • Dual Boilers to optimise espresso brewing and steam production
  • Hot Water for tea
  • 3.5 lt Water Reservoir with option for plumbing into mains water supply
  • Thermal stability
  • Pre Heating System 
  • Digital display programming to adjust machine parameters

Included With gs3

  • 1 x Single Portafilter 
  • 1 x Double Portafilter 
  • 1 x Blind Filter Basket for back-flushing
  • 1 x Plumb-in Kit
  • 1 x Group Head Brush
  • 1 x Plastic Coffee Scoop 
  • 1 x La Marzocco Tamper

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