June 24, 2022

Drip coffee, also known as filtered coffee, or pour over coffee, is a way of making coffee that involves pouring water over ground coffee beans. To make drip coffee, you pour hot water over roasted medium-ground coffee beans in a filter. You can use a simple pour over set or an electrical drip coffee machine. The process remains the same across all the machines. 

With filter style coffee, you can make large amounts of coffee quickly and efficiently. Drip coffee is consumed on its own as a long black

Differences between espresso and drip coffee

There are 2 major differences between espresso and drip coffee. The first one is the method of preparation. Drip coffee is made with a different preparation than your regular espresso. Espresso is made by immersing the coffee in hot water or forcing hot water through coffee grounds. Espresso uses a much finer grind and needs an espresso machine. An espresso machine produces a more concentrated shot of coffee with crema on top. On the other hand, drip coffee uses a completely different method. Drip coffee machines run water over medium-sized ground coffee beans to achieve the final coffee. The end result is a smooth extraction that gives a tea-like consistency and a much smoother liquid. 

Another difference is that espresso has more caffeine units per volume than drip coffee. But the serving size of espresso is much smaller than that of drip coffee. When you compare a cup of coffee made from espresso vs drip machine, the espresso will have less caffeine content. 

Why should I get a drip coffee machine?

There are many benefits to getting a drip coffee machine. A drip coffee machine has the advantage of brewing a lot of coffee at one time in an easy way. Because the coffee is brewed in one go, the pressure of the water prevents it from retaining heat and reduces the possibility of a burned coffee pot or a bitter-tasting cup of coffee. A drip coffee machine produces a fuller coffee experience. This is important for someone who wants a well-balanced and rich cup of coffee, whether it's your first cup or your fifth. 

For your entire coffee experience, try the Welhome Coffee Grinder. Designed for manual brewing, this machine can grind beans and give you a pot of coffee quickly. 

Another advantage of using a drip coffee maker is that the machine will give you the smoothest coffee you will ever drink. With a drip coffee maker, you brew the entire pot in one go. The taste is even, and the coffee has a smoother consistency. The bigger drip coffee machines can even keep the coffee warm for several hours. 

Getting a drip coffee machine is a great investment if you love coffee. You can make large amounts of coffee in one go. For drip coffee machines that don’t have a grinder, you can buy another unit. You can find a grinder at Balck Velvet Coffee to grind the coffee beans to your satisfaction. 

Black Velvet Coffee is your one-stop-shop for all your coffee needs. Head over to our collection and find your perfect coffee machine today. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information or questions. 

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