September 26, 2022

Coffee is becoming an increasingly essential part of life. Whether you are off to work on a busy Monday morning or just relaxing in your bed on a cold Sunday evening, coffee is a great companion. It offers warmth, refreshment, and a pleasure that can not be substituted by any other beverage. With its increasing popularity, coffee is also becoming a more detailed, informed, and personalised choice. Some people enjoy the strong rush that comes from a single origin coffee, while some enjoy sharing a mutually favourite coffee blend with a loved one. Either way, to each their own, and that is what this blog is about.

No one can tell you which coffee is better for you. Whether you are a single origin coffee person or more suited to a particular blend, only you can be the judge of that. However, in order to be able to make an informed decision that glorifies your daily coffee experience and makes it an enjoyable moment every day, read on to understand what makes single origin coffee and blends unique.

Single Origin Coffee

Single origin coffee is coffee that comes from a single country of origin. This is typically more expensive than blends, but many coffee lovers believe that it's worth the extra cost. When coffee beans are grown in a single country, it's easier to control for factors like climate and soil quality. As a result, the coffee tends to be more consistent in taste and quality. To explore the world of coffee, start with a single origin coffee from your favourite country.

What makes single origin coffee different from blends is the flavour profile, purity, and consistency of the product. 

How unique is single origin coffee’s flavour profile?

As the name suggests, coffee that comes from a single origin carries with it an original, unique taste. The climate and soil along with other factors impact the process of growing and processing the coffee beans. Hence, the unique flavour profile that coffee of a single origin carries is due to the environment it was born in. That means that no two coffees from different origins will taste the same, and neither will the different batches of coffee coming from the same origin. 

Single origin coffee also has a unique flavour profile that can vary depending on the country of origin. For instance, coffee from Ethiopia might have tasting notes of floral and citrus, while coffee from Brazil might be described as chocolatey or nutty. The latter is more popular among coffee drinkers. Generally, the flavour profile of a single origin coffee is more defined, robust and strong as compared to that of a blend. The blended flavours of different coffee beans create a beverage that is more balanced, as different beans complement each other. Many people find that coffee blends are more approachable than single origin coffees, as they tend to be less intense. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Whether you prefer the bold flavours of a single origin coffee or the balance of a blend, there is a coffee out there for everyone.

Why are coffee blends created?

People like coffee blends, and that is the main reason to create them. The most common reason is to create a coffee with a specific flavour profile. For example, coffee roasters may create a blend of coffee beans that have complementary flavours, such as chocolate and caramel. Another reason for creating coffee blends is to achieve the desired level of acidity or bitterness. By combining coffee beans with different levels of acidity, roasters can create a coffee that is well-balanced and not too harsh on the palate. Finally, coffee blends may also be created in order to smooth out irregularities. If one coffee bean crop is particularly fruity, for example, it can be blended with another coffee bean that has a more muted flavour. In this way, coffee roasters can help to ensure that each batch of coffee tastes consistent from one year to the next.


Single origin coffee carries a pure, crisp, and bold flavour. Because of the crisp taste of this type of coffee, it is usually not preferred in a milk beverage and is rather enjoyed in its pure form. Blends of coffee, on the other hand, while still being high-quality, lack the purity of single origin coffee, which is not given any unnatural influences to change the flavour or consistency.

Which coffee should you get?

You decide. We supply. 

Your favourite coffee type should depend on your personal taste preference. Single blend coffee is great for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy the bitterness of the beverage, but if you prefer a more blended, adjusted taste, then you should explore different coffee blends to see which one gives you the best taste. Explore the range of Black Velvet single origin coffee to start your journey of experimenting with different tastes.

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