Peru Fairtrade Organic - Café Femenino ®

Grown in the north-west corner of Peru at 1500 to 2000m above sea level, the farms at Association de Productores Cafetaleros “Andinos Sierra Verde” (APROCASIVER) dates back to 2008.

This Arabica certified Fairtrade Organic coffee, is produced by 217 women as part of the Café Femenino® project. This coffee is fully washed, processed with care and treated with tremendous respect and pride. 

As members of The Café Femenino® Project, the lives of these women are impacted positively through this co-operative with a strong focus on creating greater gender equality within families and the remote communities. 

They also engage actively in forest conservation and eco-tourism around the Cutervo National Park in the northern Peruvian Andes and the Amazon.  

This coffee is beautiful in your French Press or as an espresso. 

French Press:

15 grams course ground coffee (Ratio 60gm coffee to 1lt water)
250ml Water - 92 degrees
Pour half the water to saturate - stir
Add the remaining water
Steep for maximum of 4 minutes 
Decant and serve

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