April 03, 2014

Do you ever wonder how genuine people in hospitality are with their sentiments? I often do. Are you being spoken to out of a genuine desire to converse or it is just ‘part of the job?’

You get asked ‘How are you?’ many times every day but who really listens? I can tell you we do. When we hear of your incredible adventures overseas or of your devastating redundancy and frustrating job search, we listen. When we fuel you with decaf coffee as you struggle through pregnancy and then work with you to create the perfect remedy for those late nights up with your baby, we care. We are genuinely nervous for you as your children enter into exams and fearful for your family in fire-affected areas.

We also like to share. Darren and I love to chat about our beautiful children and are delighted when you say hi when they come into the shop. They love it too. Football fans come from far and wide to speak with Darren about the latest games or controversy. He loves it (and as the wife of an AFL fanatic, I appreciate it too). 

Our mission statement 'To share the moment of indulgence that only comes from experiencing Black Velvet Coffee'. You might think this is just about coffee. It's not. The 'moment of indulgence' to us begins as you walk up to our counter, order your coffee, wait as you listen to nostalgic music, read the paper or talk to each other or staff. Then, of course, you indulge your senses as you smell and taste our coffee made only from high quality beans and blended over months to create coffee specifically for our clientele. 

I have met people in this industry who say they ‘hate people’; dislike dealing with customers’ fussy needs and prefer not to enter into conversations. My thoughts? Move on. The definition of hospitality is ‘the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers’. There is so much to enjoy just by being open to the experiences that our customers provide.

Hospitality for us, at Black Velvet, is a lifestyle, one we are thrilled to practice. We enjoy sharing our coffee with you but we also love you being part of our days. So, never again wonder how genuine we are at Black Velvet. Come in and say hi…

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