August 18, 2020

One of the things we’ve learnt during this pandemic period is that we simply cannot sit on our hands and just hope for the best. Apart from anything else, if you’ve met me or my wife, it’s just not part of our make up. The difficulty with this attitude is that we’re always wondering whether we’re doing enough and whether there is more we should be doing.

One thing we’ve been looking at during the last few months is adding products to our range. I’m a firm believer that having a limited range is almost as detrimental as having too large a range. It’s like going to a restaurant, opening up the menu and discovering that it looks more like a copy of ‘War and Peace’ than a simple food menu. Chicken prepared in 75 different ways and a dozen varieties of pasta, with a choice of 465 different sauces. You need to spin a big wheel to be able to choose a main course. Good luck if you’re the chef!

Sell the products which people want to buy. The products people want to use. Ditch the rest.

In our Exhibition St store, we’ve spent almost 10 years learning about what sells and what doesn’t. When we first opened up in late 2011, we stocked our shelves with every coffee making apparatus and coffee making paraphernalia that, looking back, was worthy of a trade show for coffee geeks and not much else. Would you believe, that after all these years we still have stock of some of the original items that never sold and still don’t look like selling. The answer...stock up on the few things which people want or need and save the rest for a trade show. Whether a trade show excites you is a whole other conversation which we can have another day.

One of the products that our customers came to love and one of the most popular items has always been our Cold Brew, especially during the months between September and April. It’s a time consuming process to create this delicate brew with complex flavours but it’s certainly a process well worth undertaking. 

We’ve been taste testing cold coffee for months and I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m waking up at odd times during the night for the past couple of months - now I know! Here’s me thinking that the stress of the year 2020 is finally beginning to manifest in ways I can’t control, when really, it’s just that I’m drinking way too much coffee, too late in the day!

We have now perfected our brew and are proud to launch Cold Brew to our range of online products but not just any Cold Brew - Cold Brew in 4 different varieties and in 500ml bottles. Perfect the way it is, no need to add milk or sugar and no need to dilute. Just drink straight from the bottle. Click Here


We’ve created some of the most beautiful flavours which we know you’ll love...

  • Regular - Our 'in store' brew
  • Dirty Chai – Brewed with our all natural Nectar Chai
  • Cooling Spice – Infused with fresh Cinnamon and Star Anise
  • Spiced Citrus – Our Cooling Spice brew with the addition of orange zest (My favourite. Incredible)

If you’re in the Melbourne metropolitan area, this range is available to purchase now and shortly, will be available elsewhere. A 4 pack of mixed flavours is available here for just $40 or a twin pack of our regular brew can be purchased for $20. 

We know you’ll absolutely love this product and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


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