August 25, 2020

Recently, I purchased a hamper for Jackie. It was a Mother’s Day gift. The hamper was ‘guaranteed’ to arrive before Mother’s Day and this particular company was also to schedule deliveries all day on Saturday and even on the Sunday morning of Mother’s Day to ensure Mum’s all over Melbourne were looked after. Ours arrived on the Tuesday after Mother’s Day and when it arrived, half the items were missing.

Why am I telling you this story? One reason is because it’s a cool story but mainly because I wanted to ask...How many times have you looked to give the gift of a hamper or gift box, only to find that every hamper you see has certain things you want and other things that you don’t? It’s ok. I’ll answer it for you. The answer is...every time. You’d love to mix and match but most often you can’t.

Seriously...if you’re going to put a ‘wine’ hamper together, put it with things you might like to have with a glass of wine. Crackers? Yes. Cheese? Definitely. An exfoliating sponge thing? Are you kidding me? Unless you plan on cracking open your wine while you’re in the shower exfoliating, why on earth would you put that in a hamper that's been designed for wine lovers?

We decided we’d put a little pack together which would be great for a gift and great for yourself at home, particularly given that there are restrictions on the number of times we can all go shopping. ORDER HERE

What we also tried to do was put together a bunch of items that become part of your coffee experience or add to your existing experience. Things that you may be missing from your local cafe while you're working from home. Things you may not be able to get from your local supermarket. Things that most coffee shops can purchase from wholesale suppliers but are a little difficult to find in your local supermarket. Especially, as people in Melbourne will understand, within 5km of your home.

We have 3 different sized gift packs containing items such as coffee beans, fresh tea leaves, 500ml bottles of cold brew, fresh nectar chai, turmeric latte powder, chocolates, wafers and more!

We have hampers for $50, $100 or $145 and make the perfect gift for Father's Day.

    We'll deliver the $50 hamper to anywhere in Australia, while the other hampers are available for the Melbourne Metropolitan area only. Shipping cost is just $5!

    ORDER YOURS NOW Click here 

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