Office Coffee Solutions - Franke A Series

Office Coffee Solutions - Franke A Series

October 31, 2019

It wasn’t that long ago that the coffee provided by your workplace or office was a catering size tin of Nescafe Blend 43. In the staff kitchen, you’d find a kettle and a sleeve of polystyrene cups. Thank goodness times have changed.

As the coffee industry has evolved, so have people’s expectations and so has the need to ensure that your staff and clients are given a great product.

Black Velvet Coffee has entered the office coffee space with the Franke A400 and A600 automatic coffee machines which provide the highest quality ‘barista style’ coffee and milk foam on the market. We will train your staff, install your new machine and provide ongoing service and maintenance so you can provide the absolute best quality coffee available.

The machines features include:

-         8" Touch Screen with 3 Various and Intuitive Operation Modes

-         Venturi Milk System 1 Grinder

-         2 Powder Dosing unit - Chocolate powder & Chai Powder 

-         Hot Water Dispenser

-         EasyClean (EC) Automatic Milk Cleaning System

-         SU05 5lt Milk Fridge

Machines can be completely customised and are capable of preparing up to 350 cups per day!

What coffee do we provide?

Automatic coffee machines require a different style of coffee blend than the blends used by your local cafes. We supply a specifically designed office coffee blend roasted and packaged by Black Velvet Coffee which has been tested to suit the Franke automatic extraction.

Our blend contains coffees from Rwanda, Brazil and India, and is the perfect blend for the most discerning palate.

We roast everyday so your coffee is always fresh and is always delivered in 1kg branded Black Velvet Coffee bags.

Service and Maintenance

We are totally committed to the safe and reliable operation of your business 24 hours a day and for 365 days of the year.

We carry a large range of OEM spare parts and ONLY use OEM parts to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

This level of commitment to OEM parts also extends to the NON use of grey imports and only approved equipment from Australia’s leading manufactures, importers and sales which hold relevant approval codes for use in Australia is used.

For extreme emergency calls at any time we strive to have a technician placed within your business within 2 hours to ensure that you can be up and trading again as quickly as possible.

We believe that your customers are our customers and ensure a prompt response and repair time each and every time.

Electrical Services

Our technicians are fully licensed and registered electrical contractors and are able to facilitate the installation of new electrical circuits for your office, restaurant or cafe. We also provide full test and tagging to your premises and can address defects on the same day, saving you time and money.

Services include:

Test tagging

Electrical installation of new circuits (Lighting, power)

RCD installs

Replacement and upgrades to lighting circuits to LED lights

Certificates of Electrical safety where required

6 and 12 Monthly Preventative Maintenance work can be completed to OEM standards using OEM parts.

Black Velvet will also conduct weekly/fortnightly visitation (volume dependent) to clean and maintain your machine.

Cleaning your machine:

The Franke A600 not only has the fastest cleaning time but it’s easy and can even be set to remind you just in case you forget.

The daily clean cycle takes just a few minutes and the machine will also conduct a rinse sequence every 20 minutes, rinsing all the milk lines.

What else does Black Velvet Provide?

We don’t just provide the machine and coffee. We also provide sugar sticks, vending chocolate powder, chai powder, branded paper cups and coffee stirrers.

Franke cleaning solution and tablets are also available to purchase through Black Velvet. 

Dimensions including milk fridge:

H 796mm

W 600mm

D 600mm

If you want to stand out from the crowd and offer your staff and clients the best possible product available then contact us today at

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