June 15, 2019

We often get asked 'which is the best coffee machine to buy for home?' It's a tough question to answer. Quite simply, one could spend $200 or $2000. One could spend $10,000 too.

We hear it all the time. People who have spent $300 and then wonder why the coffee doesn't taste anything like the coffee they purchase from their local cafe. There are so many reasons why. The major decision that needs to be made is this... Are you looking to purchase an 'appliance' or are you looking to purchase an 'espresso machine'?

These are 2 very different things.

An appliance is simply that. It's a household machine designed to make life easier. These are usually found at a department store and most often are designed and manufactured by companies that produce washing machines, microwave ovens and toasters. These appliances have a water reservoir that heats via some sort of heating element and release water at the touch of a button.

An espresso machine is designed and manufactured by companies who specialise in building machines to extract espresso.

Espresso is the oil extracted from finely ground coffee with water and heat and is done so under pressure. Without pressure it simply doesn't work. The appliance doesn’t provide the pressure level required and thus the coffee looks pale in colour, has an almost 'watery' mouthfeel and quite frankly tastes awful.

To replicate the same flavour as the local coffee house there are 3 things required.

A brilliant espresso machine, a separate grinder and great coffee.

Our recommendation is the La Marzocco gs3. It’s a twin boiler machine for home or office use, is the top of the range and in my opinion is the best on the market. It’s a machine for life and an absolute work of art. You'll love the design and you'll love the espresso it produces.

You can purchase a gs3 through Black Velvet and we’ll also include a ‘one on one’ training session to ensure that you are set up correctly, that the parameters of your machine are set correctly, that you are fully versed in how to extract the best espresso possible and how to perfectly texture a jug of milk.

We guarantee that after this session you'll be making better coffee than your local cafe. Trust me...this is worth every cent.

We’ll also supply you with 12 months of coffee at no extra charge. That’s right...a fortnightly delivery of coffee to your front door for 12 months.

Best coffee to use at home

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