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How can we keep ourselves and our customers safe in the face of Covid-19? This is a question we, at Black Velvet, ask ourselves many times every day. Whilst we are in a very challenging environment, both regarding health and business, there is so much we can control to do our part in this global pandemic. I’d like to outline how we intend to conduct business for the foreseeable future.

Our flagship store, Black Velvet Espresso in Exhibition St has had a renovation! This new set up will allow for a fast flow through, ensuring minimal contact between all those at the store. There will be one way in, and one way out, with ‘pick up’ far away from the point of sale. Waiting for coffee and food can happen either outside or in the foyer of our building, easily allowing for appropriate social distancing.

Black Velvet Espresso will have floor markings to demonstrate where the safest place to stand will be. Hand sanitiser will be available to use at every entrance and exit, and will be used often and liberally by staff. Staff, of course, will be wearing masks and they will be compulsory for all those entering our business. We will have a sign in front of our store to tell you how many people can safely enter, so you can rest assured that your distance between others will be at a safe level. For those who still don’t feel comfortable entering our business, we will be implementing a ‘drive-through’ option, where you can not only pick up cups of coffee but also packages of coffee, special offerings and treats to make your coffee experience even more decadent.

Black Velvet Espresso will also be stocking a new range of snacks and lunch food. We will be pre-packaging many of these options to avoid contamination by outside sources. To reduce contamination further, we will disinfect the store often through the day and do a deeper clean every afternoon prior to closing.

Our team members have completed ‘Operating a hospitality business in a COVID-19 Environment’ course run by the Victorian State Government. This has given us knowledge regarding a good understanding of COVID-19 itself and how to prepare and operate our business to keep all those entering as safe as possible.

Regarding our online store, all deliveries of coffee beans and barista products are either delivered by Australia Post, Fastway Couriers or, mostly, by our staff. All those parcels delivered by Black Velvet will be done so by people wearing masks and after sanitising each and every delivery. Sanitising procedures occur prior to bagging coffee and packing every delivery.

As you can see, Black Velvet Coffee takes the health of our team and our customers extremely seriously. Our business is evolving daily to offer a product and service that will indulge you as much as ever before, along with doing all we can in the fight against COVID-19.

We look forward to seeing you all really soon. Stay safe.

Jackie Silverman


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anne bishop
anne bishop

August 12, 2020

No need to reply.I just wanted to congratulate you for your care of your customers.You are such an inspiration. Your company is the true meaning of a family business.

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