September 12, 2017 1 Comment

"I'll have a soy latte, served hot please?" 

Have you ever uttered these words? Have you noticed your barista shudder as you used the word 'hot'? Has he/she developed an instantaneous stress rash? I wont lie; this is a baristas worst nightmare.

Let me break it down for you...

There are two factors as to whether or not your soy coffee becomes a delectable nectar of the gods or a lumpy cup of tofu - acidity and temperature. 

Coffee is an acidic product, with each roasted coffee bean varying in the amount of acidity it carries. Generally, the lighter the roast, the greater the acidity. This acid from the coffee curdles the proteins in soy milk, with heat accelerating the process. The hotter the soy, the less acid needed to curdle it. So, when you say 'hot', the already delicate balance of acid and heat is further pushed to the limit.

What can we do? Let's work together on this.

Firstly, we use Bonsoy milk as we have found it to be the best on the market as far as flavour and its ability to handle heat. Secondly, trust us. We promise we'll do our best to heat the soy as much as we can. However, you need to know that soy can only be heated so much before it will curdle, this is far less than cow's milk. Also, ask us which coffee will work best with your soy. We'll find you the least acidic bean and make you the most delicious coffee we can.

Black Velvet Coffee will always take into account your needs and wants. We'll do our utmost to give you what it is you are after whilst maintaining the quality of our product. So, let's reduce the stress rashes, and work together to enjoy your best coffee.

Now, let's get caffeinating!


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July 17, 2018

Its all about the communication between customer & barista. Awesome post, BV.

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