Wholesale Coffee Membership

Wholesale Coffee Membership

July 24, 2019

Having owned and operated 7 cafes for almost 25 years we think we know a little about the day to day issues owners face particularly when it comes to keeping costs to a minimum.

As coffee roasters, we can also tell you that the cost to provide wholesale coffee is almost the same for all roasters. The prices that some people are paying for wholesale roasted coffee is off the charts. I’m not talking about the blends specifically created for winning medals at roasting competitions where no expense is spared. I’m talking about large scale production blends we all use daily.

Most specialty coffee suppliers are using coffees of similar quality with minimal difference in the final product. In fact there are various different brands that all come from the same roasting plant. Same roast. Same coffee. Different bag. Different brand. It’s not unlike a lot of other products where we think we’re getting something different but really we’re not.

If there’s any difference in taste it’s largely due to the roasting technique which is dependent on the types of coffees used and the skill of the roaster and barista. In Australia, where most people are drinking coffee with milk, the difference from one brand to the next is minimal. If anything at all. There are exceptions to every rule as we still live in a world where coffee making equipment is often provided by the coffee supplier and some rare and unique coffees are very expensive. But
generally speaking, when we’re talking about a house blend created for cafes, the difference is marginal.

This is where a Black Velvet wholesale coffee membership is perfect.

So often we’re told that cafe owners coffee options are limited because their volumes aren’t large enough or because their image doesn’t quite fit with what the customer describes as the ‘hipster’ coffee companies. Well not anymore.

Money is tight for most cafe owners and there are ways to offer the same quality product while keeping the costs down at the roasters end. It’s not a revelation. It’s just that if we, like all roasters, can minimise our costs then surely those savings can be passed on to the client. What if you could have the highest quality specialty coffee delivered to your cafe without the hipster price?

And what if your wholesale coffee membership meant that you could tailor it to your own specific requirements? Such as never having to place another order again? And what if it came with the perks that were usually afforded only to the bigger accounts?

Well here it is.

The Black Velvet wholesale coffee membership is available to everyone (minimum 5 kg per week) and includes...

  • Free delivery to anywhere in Victoria
  • Coffee delivered in bulk airtight bags with blend descriptions and marketing paraphernalia
  • Access to purchase airtight coffee food drums at wholesale prices for storage of your coffee
  • A full documented training program to get the best result from Black Velvet coffee
  • Promotion of your business through Black Velvet social sites
  • Incentives to recommend others to become members
  • Automatic coffee ordering, delivery and payment so you never run out of coffee again
  • Access to Black Velvet branded take away cups and other products including drinking chocolate,
  • chai, syrups and more
  • Access to a range of Black Velvet branded cold pressed juice
  • Ongoing analysis of your usage so we automatically deliver more as your volume grows
  • A membership pack of welcoming gifts including a Black Velvet branded cap and pen
  • Access to purchase or lease machinery at lower than industry interest rates

And all of this with...

  • No hidden fees or cancellation fees
  • You can stop your membership anytime

PAY just $22 kg*

We’ll even lock in this price for 2 years for the first 30 members to sign on.
Whether your cafe is doing 5kg or 20kg a week, the offer remains the same.

Don’t pay hipster coffee prices again. You don’t have to.

'I'm interested'

to Darren 0404811896

or Jackie 0408551464

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