May 09, 2022

Single origin coffee is defined by its origin as it is sourced from a single region within one country. The alternative to coffee from just one origin is coffee which has been blended. A coffee blend is made up of beans from two or more different countries, or sometimes two or more regions from the same country. 

In certain ways, single-origin is a trademark which suggests that the coffee has been ethically and sustainably grown. It allows you to follow the entire journey of the coffee in your cup, all the way through the supply chain, from the real people who helped produce it, to the barista charged with making your latte.

The term single-origin coffee does not tell you everything about a coffee, but it does create transparency and a starting point for the culture of coffee. 

Is single origin coffee better?

Single origin coffee is normally consumed black. It’s chosen by the consumer for the simple reason that it’s the individual flavour profile and nuances of the coffee that people want to try. A blend is created for a completely different purpose. Several coffees are blended together to cater for all the different parts of the human palate. More body is usually the result and perfect for the consumer whom prefers their coffee with milk.

Single origin coffee is a popular choice among coffee aficionados. When you hear about the history of a type of coffee and the farm from which it came, it is natural to question whether single origin coffee would be better than its blended alternatives. Is one better than the other? It’s really about individual tastes and preferences. 

Coffee from a single origin is unique, but that doesn’t mean it’s superior. Depending on the geographic region, it has different properties and the taste of the coffee will reflect this. 

The other thing that will determine the taste of single origin coffee is the roast level. Each roastery and coffeehouse roasts beans to their own specifications. Some prefer to use a milder roast on single origin beans so that they can appreciate all of the nuanced flavours. Our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha and Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu coffees have the best flavour profile when they are roasted lightly. Certain flavours of chocolate and caramel emerge only when the coffee is roasted to a darker colour. Make a rich espresso with our popular San Cristobal Terruno Nayarita Lavado coffee from Mexico. Our St. Peters Excelso coffee from Colombia is also a customer favourite.

The potential for changes in single origin coffee’s taste, even with differences in roasting, is limited. Creating a specific flavour profile in blends means that roasters use beans from several areas in order to achieve a certain flavour profile, which is not possible with a single-origin bean.

A great way to get started with specialty coffee is to try our range of single origin coffees. To ensure quality, you can rely on a special grading process that single origins go through. Having information about which region is bringing you your morning cup will give you more knowledge about your coffee and taste preferences and will help you understand the farmers behind your cup and the distinct characteristics of a particular region.

If you want to know more about single origin coffee, feel free to get in touch with us or talk to your barista.

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